Spring 2003 > Designing Experience > Projects:
  Week 2 (Jan. 28):
  Week 4(Feb. 11): Vending Machine Project
Disposible Cellphone Vending Machine
Group Members : Alex, Ephrat, Shiji, Tsuihung
    User scenario 1
  Week 5(Feb. 18): vending machine user interaction design
    Step-by-Step interaction
    press the keyboard to continue if there are no buttons on the screen.
  Week 6(Feb. 25): vending machine interface refining
    navigation v2
    navigation v3
    user interface v2
    user interface v3
    user interface v4
  Week 7(Mar. 11): vending machine final presentation
  Final Project: Window Display for Bath and Body Works
Streaming Flowers (Flower Flow)
  Group Members: Jerry, Ming, Shuji, Tsuihung
    Project proposal

User Scenario 1

    User Scenario 2