Spring 2003 > Game Design > Digital Game Proposal:
  The Bad Student

Go from the starting point and finish a number of tasks within a limited time; also have to return to the starting position in time.

    Want to be the "nasty student"? Skip classes, sneak out of school and be the hero of your classmates! The player becomes the "nasty student" and she has to sneak out of class after the teacher takes the attendance and before the teacher comes back. After she climbs up the fence and gets out of school, she has some tasks to perform. She also has to be careful not to be caught by the patrolling school police and the military advisor. The goal is to come back within the time limits and try to finish as more tasks as possible.
  Platforms & Technologies
    This game can be played on PC or through the web. It requires a regular keyboard. The keys that would be used are the arrow keys, "Enter" and the space bar. It should be made in flash format so the file size if smaller and easy to play through the web. We can also have two players play in the same story at the same time.
  Diagram/ Schematics of Screen
  Design Problems
    Using keyboard may limit the control over the character. She can only move in a fixed speed and therefore the intensity is reduced. Considering the games of adventures and explorations, it would be nice if we employ the clicking function of mouse. However, because the character has to go up and down (3d movement) in a 2D screen, therefore mouse alone would not be enough. The problem would be how to increase the speed and tension when player are playing the game.
  Playtesting Issues

I find the games that make me want to keep on playing are actually really easy and simple. But I adjust my playing "strategies" every time I fail; sometimes the adjustments are very subtle, maybe I just press the key at a different time or move back and forth. Therefore I want to make some game of the like. The control is easy but the players encounter different situations that whenever they fail, they figure out solutions after that and want to test if their solutions work. The "Bad Student" looks simple; you just have to use the keyboard and move around the screen. But when you encounter a school policeperson or military advisor, would you be able to get away in time (When you meet a policeperson you have to hide into the nearest shop; when you meet a military advisor, you have to climb up the electricity pole.) And when there's a street vender, you can jump on his cart and flee.