Dec. 13.........Final Project
The Miniature Theatre
When I was thinking of the final project, I wanted to do something that combines everything we learned in this semester. As input, we have pot, switch, and flex sensor, and for output, we can do analog and serial. On the other hand, I tried to find something that I can apply all into it. I thought of Jeff's example of serial output. The servo (the cat) pulsed according to the input, and the serial output on stage (the fish) represented what the cat saw.
I've always loved watching movies/ stories so I think it'll be fun if I can make some small animations and let the user control which stories they want to see.
And that's how the mini-theatra came out. The user chooses which stories he/ she wants but turning the pot. When he / she makes the decision and presses the button, the indicator goes to the certain story and he/ she can also knows whose stories it is by watching which character on the servo is in front.
As serial assignemt, I wrote the code in director and BX-24 separately.
In director, I wrote the code without serial input first. I used other varibles to represent the serial input varibles. When the codes worked alright, I connect the serial cable and modified related codes.
In Bx-24, I wrote call-and-response codes. At first I made sure it sent out signals correctly and tested it in in Hyper-Terminal. When the figures were correct, I changed the codes to call-and-response and tested it with Director.
When the code-and-response is on both Director and BX-24, open Director and exam whether the output is correct and make sure it is interpreted correctly in Director with corresponding scripts.
Graphic and code and chart....see the chartsee the code