Technical Research............IR sensor
How it works
IR sensor is a kind of proxmity sensors. It has the emitter and the receiver. The emitter sends out light and when it hits an object, the light reflects and goes back to the receiver. The three parties make a triangle. The distance of the object can be caculated by the angles of the triangle.
Old modles are susceptible to amibent lights and the color of the objects. New modles are improved on this and now with better performance.
Sharp GP2D12
Supply Voltage:
Factory preset range:
10~80 cm
analog output (non-linear). Within the effective range of 10cm to 80 cm, the voltage output is in curve shape instead of linear ones.
Cross-firing detectors
When the object is within 10 cm, the reading will look like a long range one. To avoid this problem, we can put the sensors facing across the board.
Beam Pattern
The beam it sends out is oval-shaped so it is suggested to put them in front of the robot facing across the board to get the widest range.
Connected to the chip
Bx24 Schematics
Application Tips
Keep the lenses clean.
Avoid light source pointed directly to the lenses.
a 10uF capacitor can hlep stabilize the power.
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