Oct. 11........Controlling Big Switches
Assignment Journal 05
My brain was frozen so I couldn't think. The only thing I couldthink of was to combine both the potentiometer with the switch and LEDs with the motor....Very simple project. I turn the potentiometer to a certain point and detect how much voltage the chip gets. Different LEDs will light up depending on which range it is in. When I turn the potentiometer to the highest point( meaning that the board is getting the most power), the motor turns. Every event is triggered only when I press the switch button. If I release it, they contine to function until the next change of the potentiometer and the the pressing of the switch.
It's an easy project. After I made sure the motor could run, the only thing I needed to figure out was just how to seperate the different events by using the potentiometer and the switch.
hmmm...this one is easy...so.
Pic and code and Schematic....see the chartsee the code
Thre are two steps for it to work. First you turn the pot, then you press the button. Different LEDs light up according to the GetADC value. Motor moves when it reaches a value.