Nov. 08........Serial 1
Assignment Journal 07
Since I got Bx-24 to talk to Hyperterm and it responded with characters, I thought maybe I could do some graphic with it. I thought it would be cool to make BX-24 send out signals that after de-coding they'll form a graphic. I went through the websites and found some really very nice ASCII graphix, but it was just too much pain to send out tons of queues and I had also to figure out all ASCII codes for these different characters so I just gave up and made this easy one. Send out four queues that will form this "NYU" graphic.
Get BX-24 to talk to Hyperterm and make Hyperterm listen to what it says
Send out queues that will not be longer than the screen and remembe to do chr(10)& chr(13) so your characters don't mix.
Well, nothing too difficult to solve. It just takes a lot of time if I really want to make a graphic out of ASCII codes
Pic and code and Schematic....see the chartsee the code
When I turn on the switch, the screen shows NYU and when the switch is off, it simply shows "0000.."
Some ASCII charts if you want to try it yourself