Spring 2003 > Marriage between Virtual and Real > Projects:
  Where I am
  production note:
    It started as class assignments: buldings, billboards.. etc. And then I was playing around with the arrangements of the buildings and ojbects I had, trying to make a story out of it. I wanted to form a story with the limited elements I had.
This project was made with Lightwave 3D.
  Out of the Window, a summer afternoon drift-away
  the story:

It was a nice summer afternoon. The sun cast the shadows of the trees onto the classroom wall. Indise the window, a group of student were having a class. A girl was obscent minded; her eyes drifted towards the window. And then, something caught her eye. Her eyes followed the balloon and flied out of the window. The traveling balloon(little girl) met a new friend, the maple leaf, and they did have some good time together. While they were passing through the branches of a big tree, the balloon got caught in it. And his new friend couldn't help but keep blown by the wind......

It's just like life. We are all pushed forwards by the unknown forces, like the balloon by the wind. One day, friends we meet will leave us and move on to the next step of their lives. Since we're alone in the first place, we'll be alone in the end, too.

It was based on a true story: well, my own experience. While I was in college, once I wrote in my notebook, "Let there be a window in the classroom, and then I will be able to sit through however difficult class it is."(oringally in Chinese.) And then one day, while I was in the classroom, I saw this blue balloon ascending slowly upwards just outside the window of the conference room. Then, there it was, the story.

  production note:
    I had a story in my mind, but the difficult part was how to carry it out. I was struggling with myself about what I wanted to have in the end. I knew that buidling a lot of models and making an extraordinarily complex scene will bring a "Wow" to it. But is it what I want? Why would I try to make a hollywood-like movie while I am just a small scale production house? Like what I've always thought, I tried to tell a complete story using the mininum of elements in my hand.