Stuff I do for fun

Around MeNov. 2011 (ver.1 Jul. 2011)

I've always taken great interests in connecting people and their surroundings. "Around Me" adds a local and human touch to the places we visit. It searches for photos that were taken in the neighborhood, and also for future events that's going to happen in the area. So we can not only know more about people's memories of the area, but further, activiely participate in events that is going to happen and then become part of the memory.

There are 3 versions of it, the first version I tried to pull from Upcoming, but the data was too few, the 2nd version I tried to pull from facebook events, but too bad it doesn't support query by latlon, so eventually, I used Eventful API, and I'm please with the results. Enjoy!


Footsteps - I twitter so I am Jun. 2008

If every moment in life is a dot, when we connect all these dots, we can have moments of our lives visualized. As I twitter almost whenever/wherever, my twitter feeds can best represent every moment of my life that counts. Here's a project that transforms twitter feeds into a line. *I post these twitts following the format of twitterwhere:

bookmarklet for tw dictionaryOct. 2007
sometimes when i read articles online i have the need to look up some words in dictionary; howver, opening a new tab, coping and pasting and making the search just seems too much a hassle for me. So i wrote this little thing:

for FF: javascript:var st= window.getSelection();var''+st,'dictionary');nw.focus();
for IE: javascript:var st=document.selection;if(st.type=='Text'){var ss=st.createRange().text;var''+ss,'dictionary');nw.focus();};

talk to meFeb. 2007
an interactive project involving flickr api and mic input
flash - skype interactionJan. 2007
see who's online on skype and start chats with them.