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project idea
beckie leaves her desk from time to time. Sometimes she changes her Y Messenger status to something like "meeting@Room K", other times she stickts a post-it on the monitor. She wonders if this could be a little more interesting...
technical process
It utilizes the flickr API for the source of images. When the flash movie loads, it sends a request to flickr server with the specified tag and then parses the returned XML to get the URL for a random photo. After the photo is totally loaded, it uses the Microphone object in Flash to detect user input and alters the transparency of the photo to reveal the answer.
play with it
Remember to allow the use of microphone when prompted with security dialogue. If it doesn't respond to your mic, right click on the flash movie and go to "setup", make sure the use of microphone is allowed. If the image keeps fading off frequently, you might have a loud environment, press Ctrl at any moment to set that sound level as the base.Press up arrow to enter the author mode and change the name, tag and answer, press down arrow to return to the display mode
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